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「青躍 Teen’s Key」慈善義賣

「青躍 Teen’s Key」慈善義賣

Vicacci 很榮幸能與Spark Image Consultancy Limited 亮星形象顧問crossover ,舉辦了極具意義的「青躍 Teen’s Key」慈善義賣。

這次「青躍 Teen’s Key」慈善義賣已正式完滿結束!我們已將收益全數捐贈給「青躍 Teen’s Key」作為慈善用途。真的非常感謝大家兩個多月以來對義賣的支持。「青躍 Teen’s Key」一直致力改善香港邊緣年輕女性及青少女處境,為她們提供學業、事業、健康協助,教育他們正確的生育健康知識,以及生涯生涯規劃的意見等。

Vicacci 希望能為香港邊緣年輕女性及青少女略盡棉力,協助她們探索自我價值,找到屬於自己的光芒。如同星星的光芒并非遙不可一樣,只要能把星光握在手中,就可以讓它照亮你的每分每刻。


It is Vicacci's pleasure to have an opportunity to crossover with Spark Image Consultancy Limited and held this meaningful charity sale namely "Teem's Key".

The respective charity sale has been successfully ended. We are going to donate all of the profits to "Teen's Key" as charitable purposes. We are truly thankful for the support from all of you in the past two months. 

"Teen's Key" has been committed to improve the situation young female and teenage girls edge groups are facing. They provide them with consultancy on academic, career and health. Even further educate them with proper sex education and advice on career seeking.

Vicacci hopes to help this group of female to find their values and create their own personal legend. Just like the glaze of stars are not inapproachable, all we have to do is to grasp tight the starlight by then we could always be the ones glowing in the dark.