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Introduction to Vicacci












VICACCI。founded in 2012 by its parent company, Win Seng Manufacturing。Factory Ltd. It is a diversified Hong Kong Star Brand which integrating design, manufacturing and sales, specializing in the design and production of fashion Jewelry and craft gifts, and supplying exquisite gifts for internationally renowned brands.

VICACCI has been following the purpose of pursuing perfection, constantly。learning to improve on the design, to get the jewelry which mark fashion, romantic, elegant and noble of women. With a passion for glamour and happiness, VICACCI team took an important step in 2023 ----- The first PopUpStore opened in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui on January 15, 2023!

VICACCI will continue to bloom its art flower happily with a new attitude, and brings you sweet forever memories as a Shining Star In Style and with Class whenever and wherever.

VICACCI is a Hong Kong based fashionable jewelry label founded in 2012. The ultimate symbol of VICACCI is the Nature Beauty as 
Art with inspiration of the enchanting blossom for Love, Glamour, Passion and Happiness.

VICACCI select the Ultra Sparkle and unique cutting crystals from the premium brand for the finest crystal with the utmost excellence and professional craftsmanship.

VICACCI posses in-house design team, and most designers are both Hong Kong and International Design Award Winner . 

VICACCI shine through every client's heart by making their unique dream comes true with the utmost excellence and professionalism.

VICACCI brings you sweet forever memories as a Shining Star In Style and with Class whenever and wherever.