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VICACCI 成為君子企業 -「經濟日報」報導

VICACCI 成為君子企業 -「經濟日報」報導

感謝經濟日報報導,很榮幸VICACCI 能夠與恒生銀行、匯豐銀行、香港中華煤氣等,各大君子企業同時刊登在報刊上。

在「第九屆君子企業計劃」中,VICACCI 設計和生產團隊在十天有限時間內,讓「君子鑽石襟章及吊墜」呈現出最好效果,得到賓客青睞。


Thank you Hong Kong Economic Times for the respective news report. It is our pleasure to be able to be published together with Hang Seng Bank Limited, The Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, and The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, etc. many more other Junzi Corporations.

During the 9th Junzi Corporate Project, VICACCI design and manufacturing team has produced the best version of "Junzi Diamond Badge and Pendant" in the given limited time of 10 days. The guests have been stunned by the astonishing and breath-taking design of the product.